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CTA Tracking use “SPOTON” an internet-based management & data collection information system enabling global monitoring of your vehicles.


Once you have downloaded the SPOTON software (by clicking on the graphic) you will need to enter the user name and password issued by CTA Tracking to monitor a small fleet of vehicles in real-time.


If you have lost your user name or password please click here.

Having Problems Downloading?


If you experience problems using the main link to open SPOTON, or if you are using 64Bit Windows, Terminal Server or romaing profiles then please try installing SPOTON using the appropriate (MSI) installation file from below.


Note: You must have local Administration permissions to install and run SPOTON using these MSI files.

Download MSI installation file

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You can download the BOXactivation manual by clicking on the PDF icon

Click here to return to the home page.

From this page you can download the programs you require.


“SPOTON” provides views and reports of your data as collected by BOXgateway


BOXgateway is an automated data collection system designed to record readings received simultaneously from thousands of remote logging, vehicle tracking devices.

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